CASTRO is an experimental learning program based in Rome. 

It provides development opportunities and workspace to 8 artists and 2 researchers each year. It also runs learning activities and hosts a range of cultural events for and with everyone. CASTRO wants to enhance the incredible roman potential by developing collaborations with artisans, professionals, galleries and institutions in the city. 

CASTRO’s programming is articulated on 2 parallel tracks: one is open to the public and the second to the artists and researchers who win the fellowships.

The CASTRO Studio Program is an educational program (rather than a residency) which consists of activities tailored to the practice of each fellow:

-Tutorials: 45mins one-to-one meeting in the studio with artists and other specialists in the field in order to talk about the artist’s work.

-Group Tutorial: meetings between the 5 fellows in their studios to talk about their work in a small group

-Studio Visits: supporter’s or other’s (curator, artistic directors of foundations and musem, gallery owners and collectors) private/guided visits in the artist’s studio in order to see and talk about his most recent work in an informa environment. 

-Excursions and guided tours of Rome based on the fellow researches.

-Workshops with local artisans of traditional Roman practices.

-Open studio days: whole days during which artis studios are open to the public.

-Online blog hosted on CASTRO’s website.

The CASTRO Public Program consists of a set of activities Oper to the public such as:

-CRITS: critic al session which aim to discuss both finished or in process works.
Each artist’s work is usually shown for up to an hour. Presenting artists sit back and listen to the feedback in silence for the first 30min and then answer questions.
Anyone can participate to the discussion.

This activity fosters exchanges between artist in CASTRO’s studios those in residence in foreign institutions in Rome and roman artists.

-Artist Talks: conferences led by CASTRO fellows who to talk about their work and their personal experience.

-Indipendent Project Presentations: founders of projects related to contemporary art are invited to talk about their activities and their experience.

-Screenings: screening of a film and subsequent public debate.

To find out more about CASTRO’s activities click here and download the Annual Report of the Year 2018/2019




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