Support us

CASTRO is funded by fundraising events, public funding, and a group of patron who choose to support artistic education, researchers, and emerging artists.

Levels of support

CASTRO is a bridge between education and the professional world for artists and contemporary art professionals. To carry out its activities, it relies on the support of patrons who fund scholarships for artists and researchers. In return, CASTRO offers patrons exclusive access to the art system, the opportunity to develop a personal connection with on-site artists, and the chance to learn more about contemporary art through tailored courses. Becoming a Patron is simple! There are different levels of support.  

Citizen Card

Become part of our community by joining CASTRO’s ‘citizens’ program. CASTRO citizens play a vital role in supporting our mission to deliver an ambitious and free Public Program. Each donation directly supports the creation of new projects and allows CASTRO’s Program to grow.


Patrons can be both individuals and companies. The CASTRO Team is available to tailor a benefits package for each Patron. CASTRO offers the opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge of a contemporary artist's practice as well as exclusive access to the contemporary art world.

Join Patron

A formula designed to offer the opportunity of Patronage to groups of individuals or companies. It is an option particularly suited for those who wish to share the Patron experience with like-minded people or to meet new ones. In this case, the CASTRO team will work to find compatible counterparts.


The Training program is designed for companies interested in training courses or for groups of people who want to learn more about the contemporary art market and history. CASTRO offers courses, seminars, and lectures, as well as guided tours of art galleries and artist studios.

Supporters and Funders

CASTRO would like to thank those who generously support our work. As a cultural association which is crowdfunded for the majority of our projects, our supporters and funders play a vital role in sustaining our activities.

For their support in 2024, we are particularly grateful to:

– Salvatore La Spada – Ronald d’Amico Fund

– New York Foundation for the Arts, The Fund for Emerging Artists – Italy

– Stella Scarpellini

– Art&Go

– Comune di Roma – Zètema

and to all those who wish to remain anonymous.