CASTRO is an experimental learning program based in Rome.
CASTRO’s programming is articulated on 3 independent tracks: one hosts a range of cultural events for and with everyone, the second provides development opportunities and workspace to artists and researchers and the third runs learning activities for students.


The CASTRO Public Program consists of a set of free activities open to the public. Amongst them are: CRITS, artist talks, screenings and seminars.

In autumn 2023 CASTRO will also open to the public a library on alternative education in the arts. The collection of texts will be built collectively thanks to the contributions from international artists and researchers of the topic.


The CASTRO Studio Program is an educational program which hosts artists and researchers selected via open call by an international selection panel which changes every year, offering workspace and activities tailored to the their practice.

Amongst the activities are: tutorials, group tutorials, studio visits, guided tours of Rome based on each research, workshops with local artisans and open studios.


The Academia Program offers bookable group and individual training courses both in person and remotely.

Activities such as individual meetings to review portfolios and applications, mentoring courses via email and seminars. CASTRO often hosts the program in collaboration with local institutions such the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, MACRO Museum and AWI, ArtWorkersItalia.

CASTRO is funded by a group of patrons who choose to support artistic education and through a number of through fundraising events.


Gaia Di Lorenzo

Gaia Di Lorenzo

Artist, Director and Founder

Angelica Bollettinari

Angelica Bollettinari

Programs Manager

Anna Tagliacozzo

Anna Tagliacozzo

Academia Program Coordinator and Communications

Federica Nicastro

Programs Assistant

Francesca Pionati

Francesca Pionati

Artistic and Academic Advisor - Studio Program Turn #07

Matilde Consoli



Vicolo dell’atleta 21, 00153, Roma, Italy





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