We depend on public and private funding*
to support emerging artists and researchers.

Below the levels of support you can access:


Our Full Patron membership provides individuals and companies with a tailor-made benefits package. With our close personal knowledge of artists and researchers, you can gain unprecedented access to their work and practice.


Our Joint Patronage is similar to the Full Patronage but it may be held by more than one person or company.

This option is particularly suited to whoever wants to share the Patron experience with like-minded individuals or who would like to meet some. In the latter case the CASTRO Team will endeavour to find compatible parties.


Training is mainly sponsored by companies interested in outsourcing coaching or else by groups of individuals who would like to learn more on contemporary art related topics.

What CASTRO offers is courses, workshops and classes as well as guided tours to galleries and artist studios. These can be held both in the CASTRO Conference Room -which may be booked according to need- or on companies’ own premises.

* Companies can benefit from tax reliefs of up to 100% of the taxable amount


We invite you to join the CASTRO Citizen Programme and become part of our vibrant community. CASTRO Citizen play a vital role in supporting and enabling our core mission to realise an ambitious Public Programme. Every donation directly supports the presentation of new projects and enables the CASTRO Programme to continue to thrive.


*You can have the card by making a donation of 5€. The card is always available during our Public Program events or you can request it by sending and email to: info@castroprojects.it


CASTRO would like to thank those who generously support our work. As a cultural association which is crowdfunded for the majority of our projects, our supporters and funders play a vital role in sustaining our activities. We’re especially grateful for their support in 2024 to:


  • Salvatore La Spada-Ronald D’Amico Fund
  • The Raymond and Gloria Naftali Foundation (New York)
  • New York Foundation for the Arts, The Fund for Emerging Artists – Italy
  • Stella Scarpellini
  • Art&Go
  • Comune di Roma – Zètema


and to all those who wish to remain anonymous.




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