The applications for the Studio Program Turn #8 will open in 2024.

Read below for information on available studios.




There are no age limits.

Good knowledge of the English language. All the activities of the Program will in fact be in English.

No academic qualification is required to apply for the Study Programme. However, the research trajectory of those who apply must demonstrate a high level of quality and motivation.

The fellows are required to move to Rome for the entire period of the program and participate in the weekly CASTRO activities, a crucial part of the program for the purposes of exchange and growth.

Applicants must demonstrate a significant interest in collaborative work environments.  Applicants must be able to demonstrate the importance of a Studio Program in Rome for their practice; they must be excited about the opportunity to share the experience with the CASTRO community.



The program is recommended for artists who feel the need to participate in an educational program.

All fellowships at CASTRO include a studio, activities and constant feedback. The studio is intended as a workplace, it is not allowed to live at CASTRO.

The fellows will have regular meetings with a Tutor who will follow them in their research, with the other fellows, and with the CASTRO Team.

During the meetings with the members of the Team, the training activities offered by the CASTRO Studio Program will be organised and tailored to each Fellow: studio visits, field trips, tutorials, group tutorials, CRITS.

During their stay at CASTRO, Fellows will be able to propose artist talks/public presentations, both in order to present their practice and as an additional research tool. The CASTRO Team will evaluate the proposals by agreeing the possible budget and the modalities of realisation of the event.



We work hard to keep artists and the creative community at the heart of the city. Faced with rising property prices and rents in Rome, our mission is to protect creative workspace for artists at affordable prices. If you are interested in renting a studio, please email us at for infos and availabilities (subject: studio availability).


Sophie Jung, Liliana Moro, Ahmet Ogut, Francesca Pionati, Chris Rawcliffe


Bonnie Camplin, Darren Bader, Edoardo Bonaspetti, Ilaria Mancia, Claire Fontaine


Yates Norton, Ola Hassanain, Leonardo Bigazzi, Anna Franceschini, Leopold Thun and Monster Chetwynd


Stefano Collicelli Cagol, Anna Colin, Lili Reynaud-Dewar, Damiana Leoni and Marco Palmieri


Michael Archer, Will Benedict, Barbara CasavecchiaMaria Adele Del Vecchio, Alberto Di Fabio, John O’Doherty.



Allison Grimaldi-Donahue (Writer),

Adrienne Drake (Curator of Giuliani Foundation),

Samuel Gross (Curator),

Carolina Ongaro (Director of Jupiter Woods, London),

Maria Alicata (Curator of Baruchello Foundation),

Attilia Fattori Franchini (Curator, Co-Director of Kunsthaus Gardenhaus, Vienna),

Ilaria Leoni (Director of Ermes-Ermes),

CAMPO, Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Foundation,

Young Curators Residency Programme, Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Foundation,

Young Collectors Association,

Bianca Stoppani (Curator),

Georgia Stellin (Curator),

Carla Chiarchiaro (Director of Ada),

Antonio Valentino (Collector),

Marco Altavilla (Director of T293),

Giulia Floris (Assistant curator at Villa Adriana and Villa d’Este),

Luca Lo Pinto (Director of MACRO, Rome),

Adriana Gellini and Linda Jensen (Directors of Last Tango, Zurich),

Hugh Mulholland (MAC Curator, Belfast),

Manuela Pacella (Independent Curator),

Michele Bertolino (Independent Curator and co-Founder of Il Colorificio, Milan),

Stefano Collicelli Cagol (Head Curator Centro Pecci, Prato),

Ilaria Conti (Independent Curator and researcher at the Center Pompidou, Paris),

Vasco Forconi (Curator),

Paola Capata (Director of Monitor Gallery, Rome, Lisbon),

Marta Federici (Art historian)

Saverio Verini (Independent Curator),

Alessandra Biscaro (Han Nefkens Foundation Coordinator)

Chiara Nuzzi (ICA assistant curator, Milan),

Roberto Scalmana (Director of BalenoInternational, Rome),

Paola Clerico (Founder and Curator of Case Chiuse, Milan),

Zoe De Luca (Independent Curator and co-founder of Siliqoon Agency, Milan),

Jose Gracis (Director at Galleria Mazzoleni),

Shara Wasserman (Director of Temple University Art Gallery),

Damiana Leoni (Italy VIP Representative, Art Basel),

Matteo Binci (Curator),

Lorenzo Gigotti (Head of Content and co-founder of NERO),

Matteo Lucchetti (Curator, Museum of Civilisations, Rome),

Colin Ledoux (Director of Third Front),

Katherine Weir (Curator),

Nicola Zanella (Sole24 Journalist),

Anna Gorcharovskaya (Curator),

Gioia dal Molin (Curator of the Swiss Institute in Rome and Milan),

Ilaria Gianni (Curator and Co-Director of Iuno),

Cecilia Canziani (Curator and Co-Director of Iuno),

Rä di Martino (Artist),

Nico Vascellari (Artist),

Claire Fontaine (Artist),

Tommaso De Luca (Artist)




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