CASTRO offers a studio program for visual artists and curators from Italy and the world, providing them with a workspace and pedagogical guidance.  

The emphasis at CASTRO lies on individual practice and close contact with a community of distinguished visiting lecturers – artists, writers, curators and scholars. It is conceived as a small-scale alternative platform to explore critical education and community.

At any time CASTRO can hosts up to 5 artists and 1 curator.

The application procedure opens in July.

Artists may apply to participate for a duration of 4 months (periods: from November to February; from March to June) or 8 months (from November to June).

Curators may apply to participate for a duration of 4 months (periods: from November to February; from March to June).

The selection panel is composed of international visiting lecturers from a variety of backgrounds. After evaluation and careful deliberation based on the submitted portfolios, the committee decides upon the admission of the applicants before end of September.


This year’s applications closed on the 5th of September 2018.

The selection panel was composed by: Michael Archer, Will Benedict, Barbara CasavecchiaMaria Adele Del Vecchio, Alberto Di Fabio, John O’Doherty.

The selected candidates have been published here.



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