ArtVerona| i10 Spazi Indipendenti

CASTRO has been selected to participate to ArtVerona 15 in the i10-Independent Space section, which will be held from 11-13 October 2019 in Verona. CASTRO will use this opportunity to bring the CRIT format out of our spaces, adapting it to the fair environment. Within ArtVerona, CASTRO wants to give the opportunity to 6 artists to experiment with this format and present their work. Below the name of the artists selected by open call:

Guildor    Simona Andrioletti & Riccardo Rudi    Davide Dicorato
Beau Gabriel    Irene Adorni    Alessia Armeni


Venerdì 11
CRIT 1  12:00 am | Guildor
CRIT 2 4:30 pm| Simona Andrioletti & Riccardo Rudi

Sabato 12
CRIT 1  12:00 am | Davide Dicorato
CRIT 2  4:30 pm | Beau Gabriel

Domenica 13
CRIT 1 11:10 am | Irene Adorni
CRIT 2 ore 4:00 pm| Alessia Armeni