CRIT #27

This is the twenty-seventh CRIT at CASTRO. Participation is open to all and admission is free*

A CRIT is a meeting in which artists present their work, “offering it” to a collective criticism. During the CRIT, the public is invited to observe and understand the work that is presented. The artist briefly introduces their work or project, and then the public may intervene, offering their point of view on the work, making comments or questions and triggering a dialogue with the artist. The core of CRIT is the exchange between artist and public: CRITS are a collective ritual, and can become opportunities to negotiate shared values ​​and meanings.

CRITS are based on the idea that group discussions can enhance the practice of the artist, bringing a degree of objectivity in the highly subjective dynamic of the private creative process. Making art is often a solitary search, and it can sometimes be difficult for an artist to evaluate if their work is on the right track, if the way they are progressing is approaching their goals. A CRIT is an opportunity for the artist to better understand their artistic practice, their work and themselves.

During CASTRO’S CRITS each artist will have a session of about 45 minutes. The schedule will be flexible and will adapt according to the way the discussion goes. We invite you to stay for the duration of both presentations.

Date and time:

Tuesday 30th May 2023


Artists presenting:


Practical information:

Location: CASTRO, Vicolo dell’atleta, 21, Rome

Language: English

Access: by reservation and subject to availability

How to take part and present your work during a CRIT:

Send the work you would like to present and your portfolio via email to