The set of practical How To..? workshops offers essential tools for young artists and researchers.

The workshops, as all Academia Program activities, can be declined in the context of specific collaborations, such as the one with the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, Ripetta. Write us an email at for further information and bookings.



  • 120 min for each session
  • max number of people per session: 20/25 by reservation subject to availability (to ensure a 1-to-1 approach)
  • we suggest this activity to students enrolled in the last year of BFA/BA or MFA/MA

How To…Start a working relationship?

In collaboration with Art Workers Italia

Aquire tools to build healthy working relationships with institutions and artists.

How To…Produce an exhibition?

Learn the fundamentals of exhibition-making and curating in a comprehensive 4-session programme led by experienced curators.

How To…Get paid?

In collaboration with Art Workers Italia

Learn all there is to know about art minimum wages and the best practices in Italy and in the world.

How To…Count on legal protection tools?

In collaboration with Art Workers Italia

Introduction to Art Law and Contracts. How are art objects protected by regulated? What existing legal tools help to protect artists’ rights?

How To…Do a Studio Visit?

Learn why and how to set up a studio visit. Get useful tools to introduce and talk about your work during a studio visit.

How To…Build a Portfolio?

In this workshop you will learn how to create your portfolio. Focus will be on how to think through and execute the creation of a great portfolio.

How To…Photograph your Work?

Learn the correct way to photograph your works both with professional cameras and smartphones.

How To…Write a Statement?

Learn the basics of writing a successful artist statement and bio.


All the laboratories in this list were conceived in English but can be declined in Italian upon request.

The workshops bearing the wording [AWI] were conceived in partnership with Art Workers Italia, the first autonomous and non-partisan association, created with the aim of giving a voice to the contemporary art worker in Italy. Born in 2020 from the effort of political imagination of a group of workers, AWI is an association that collaborates with experts in the legal, fiscal and administrative sector, research institutions and universities, art and culture institutions to build ethical tools , contractual and juridical to protect the art workers.

The workshops may be led as a set or individually.

The same workshop may be repeated several times to include a larger number of students.

All tutor fees, and the costs to be expected for the workshops, are calculated according to fair compensation system developed by Art Workers Italia.




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